Introducing emerging tech in introductory accounting

We have a lot to cover in introductory financial accounting and in introductory managerial accounting. However, to only show students the manual way of doing things (i.e., pencil, paper, calculator) is doing them a disservice – they don’t get to see how accounting is much more than rote calculations.

I think certain emerging technology topics are appropriate for introductory accounting. I have developed a few Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that are suitable for intro accounting – one is a simple Hello World bot and another one is a bot that takes a selfie of itself while it runs. I have also developed a few Python projects for absolute beginners that will work in introductory accounting.

There will also be some other emerging tech projects posted here on blockchain, ETL, and others.

I am going to be using the RPA projects and the Python projects in my own classes in Spring 2020. Once I work through any bumps, I will be sharing those projects here. Stay tuned….


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