Data Analytics Resources for Introductory Accounting

On this website, we share materials that make it easy for instructors to integrate data analytics into introductory accounting classes. The three of us (Wendy Tietz, Tracie Miller, and Jennifer Cainas) teach introductory accounting, both financial and managerial. We develop cases that are suitable for introductory accounting classes. All materials are free for you to use and adapt to your own classes. (We do ask that you do not publish the cases – the materials are for use in your own classes.) We are continually adding new cases, so stay tuned. Subscribe to our blog, so that you can be notified when we add new cases.

All cases are freely available to any instructor, regardless of the textbook used. (The cases are also available in Pearson’s MyLab with any of our textbooks. The cases in MyLab offer multiple versions of the data sets and auto-grading.)

To locate cases, click on the topics across the top of the site or the right side menu. Alternatively, you can search for key words in the Search box on the right (i.e., “budgeting”.)

We encourage you to subscribe to our site. You will receive an email every time we publish a new case. We will not sell your email address.