Case FA-4300 Excel: Job cost analysis for Ivy Corporation

In this case, students use a variety of pivot tables in Excel to summarize, sort, and aggregate more than 4,800 job cost records. All work is performed in Excel. This case is suitable for assignment after job costing been covered in managerial accounting. You can view this case at this link (this is the same link that you will use to assign to your students.)

Screenshot of Excel

To assign the case to your students, give them this link. All student instructions are included at that link – as are links for tutorial videos for Excel skills needed and accounting concept skills needed.

How to obtain case materials

***You can obtain the teaching notes and solution for the Ivy Corporation Job Cost Analysis Excel case by requesting it at this link.***

You will need to fill out a brief form and then we will verify your instructor status prior to sending you the instructor materials. We generally send the Instructor Guide within a week after the request; we will contact you if we need additional information to verify your instructor status.

Be sure to add to your contacts. Check your spam folder if you have not received the materials from us within a week.


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