New! Intermediate Data Cleaning (ETL) & Analytics Project for Excel: KAT Concession Supply

This project is one of ten projects in a set that focus on data cleaning and analytics. Read on for how to request this intermediate level project for introductory accounting that uses Excel for data cleaning and analytics.

A key step in data analytics is getting the data ready for use – in fact, this step can take more time and effort than the analysis of the data. This brand-new Excel project focuses on the data cleaning aspect of data analytics and is appropriate for introductory accounting – but could be adapted to any accounting class.

KAT Concession Supply is a fictitious company that supplies food, paper products, and other items to fairs, amusement parks, and other organizations. Information in the KAT Concession Supply data sets includes information about its sales over a three-year period. The data from KAT Concession Supply has errors and irregularities in it and it must be cleaned so that an interactive dashboard about its operations can be prepared. This Excel project is classified as intermediate because it takes about an hour to complete the entire project – the Excel is still doable for the introductory accounting student.

Complete step-by-step tutorial videos and an instructor guide are available to make project adoption easy and painless in accounting courses. The project is available at no cost for instructors to use in their classes.

Intermediate project for Excel

The data cleaning and other tasks in the Intermediate version of the Excel data cleaning project are:

  • Widen all columns to automatically fit the contents.
  • Find and remove duplicate records.
  • Remove spaces and nonprinting characters.
  • Convert dates stored as text to date format.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Split one column into two.
  • Change the case of cells.
  • Combine cells.
  • Convert text into numbers or currency.
  • Format numbers.
  • Correct spelling.
  • Create a three-visualization dashboard.

Tutorial videos/PDFs

Complete step-by-step instructions are provided for this project. Students have the choice of viewing the tutorial videos or downloading a pdf file of the annotated slides. The tutorials for this project have been split into several shorter parts. The project can be completed in shorter steps, rather than the entire project in one sitting.

***You can obtain the Instructor Guide for the KAT Concession Supply intermediate data cleaning project for Excel by requesting it at this link.***

The instructor guide contains the data set, solutions, and other information. The instructor guide also contains all the KATCS data cleaning projects released to date.

Give us about 5 – 8 days to respond – but check your Spam folder for the email if you do not see our email within that approximate time frame. (You may want to add to your Safe Senders list. Please don’t email to that email address – that is an email address used solely for distributing the project resources we have developed. Thank you!)

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